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ERP for Travel Domain.
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Rays Systems offers a one-stop solution for all travel agency related functions of an organization offering automation of travel process, single interface to control, cost optimization and policy compliance, and is dynamic and flexible with changing needs. It can be easily implemented and has advanced e-commerce compatibility features.

The core function of this ERP system is to allow the travel agent to manage the requests received from the customers (direct customers, corporate customers, reseller network) via any communication channel (phone, email, extranet, website etc.) following the well established travel industry workflow (request, price offer, confirmation from customer, confirmed booking, travel and fiscal documents, settlement from the financial point of view) in the most efficient way possible.

Standard reports, customized reports build directly by the travel agency, automated report generation, several formats available, dashboard and interactive reporting, specialized reports for 3rd party partners (like consolidators, etc.). All the data inside the data base is available for export in the form of reports which together with the previous mentioned feature makes customer's reliable tool.

Combining historical data, real-time data, access to the complete database, the powerful reporting module and sales force automation with data mining and business intelligence algorithms makes us the most suitable tool for business forecast. We have developed this ERP system to be the software backbone of the travel agency. In addition, we kept in mind that all employees of the travel agency should benefit from our company's implementation:

- travel agents (easy input, automated processes, integration with 3rd party software, easy and automated reporting)
-sales people (sales force automation, CRM features)
-supervisors (real-time reporting and real-time changes inside the business model)
-managers (instant access to information in real-time from virtually any location)
-marketing and production department (real-time analysis of the trends and access to CRM data)
-system administrator (self caring tools with automated alerts)
-top management (keeping control, making sure the strategy is implemented according to what they want, monitor the results and make the necessary adjustments on the go)