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Oracle JD-Edwards.
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The flexibility, power, and broad scope of the Oracle’s ERP functionality can create unique challenges that need to be carefully managed during system design, implementation, and integration. Using our proprietary and technology-agnostic PERFECT Path ERP implementation methodology and toolset, Panorama helps clients successfully plan, design, and implement Oracle products such as JD Edwards. Our successful Oracle implementations help clients leverage.

A proper implementation is a critical success factor for all development projects, and the one that has the most risk. Poor design specifications, poor management and poor coder integration all contribute to implementation disasters, but these disasters can be prevented.

We provides experienced implementation managers that can help ensure your success during this critical phase of systems development. We have experienced project managers that can maximize of programming resources, detect bottlenecks before they impact your delivery schedule, and provide expert technical support for your application developers. You pay only for what you need and you get high-quality experts with proven track records

Our Oracle Support services are for Oracle Support anywhere around the globe. Rays Systems provides expert support for any and all Oracle database administration, everything from patch application to performance tuning support, all work done by certified Oracle proifessionals.

We specialize in Oracle emergency support worldwide and can assist you with your mission-critical Oracle production problem within minutes. All Oracle support can be performed by an Oracle Certified DBA with extensive real-world and emergency support experience.